What Makes Us Happy

Here are some of our achievements that we would like to share with you.

Ornaments With a Twist

Our ornaments spark joy and happiness not only on your Christmas tree. In cooperation with the Vision 97 Dagmar and Václav Havel Foundation, we had the honour of designing and producing special collections for Sir Charles, Prince of Wales, Mrs. Hillary Clinton or Queen Paola of Belgium and King Albert II.

HAN Design at Home and Around the World

Our ornaments love travelling abroad

Each country has its own special Christmas customs that differ from the others. But did you know how many differences can be found in decors, shapes and colours?

Join us and take a look at a few examples

This is how Christmas is jazzed up by our neighbours and overseas.

France. The French are well known for being able to enjoy their lives to the fullest. When drawing inspiration from latest fashion trends, it is France we look into as first. Where else but at the home of Haute Couture can you get inspired by the most ravishing and intriguing designs. Only in France, where the true style of glamor is a praise of perfection and Christmas tree ornaments are not an exception.

Austria. If we are to talk about the real diversity of craftsmanship and shapes, let's look at our Austrian neighbours. Enjoying Christmas without the ever so popular handkerchief pattern is absolutely unimaginable here. There is a great demand for shapes of cones, fish, snowmen and Santa Claus. Fully glittered ornaments are the most popular here. In the collections, we often find the motifs of snowflakes and stars, of which the preferred colour is green in combination with red and blue. Austrians are rather traditional and aren't used to experimenting.

Switzerland. When we say Switzerland, first thing that pops in our minds is "being as precise as a Swiss watch." And that is really true. The Swiss are punctual, organised, and accuracy is a matter of course for them. And all these properties also get reflected in their Christmas tree ornaments. Their collections are about non-traditional decors and craftsmanship. The Swiss market pays attention to the graceful complementation of colours and decors, the collections are complex and (when talking about traditional motifs) they prefer a simpler style that is refined into the smallest details.

USA. Americans are great patriots as we all know. Of course, this attribute is also reflected in their Christmas tree ornaments. There is not a year when the combination of red and white, or blue and white does not appear in the Christmas tree ornament collections, complemented by variations of holly, Christmas tree and Santa Claus motifs. Traditionally, over-decorating is something that is a standard here.

The Czech Republic in the eternal classic. What comparison would be if we had nothing to compare foreign trends against to. So let's take a look at our homeland and our Christmas trees.

The Czech Republic nowadays. The Czech Christmas tradition is not just about traditional colours and shapes. The more Czechs travel, the more they broaden their horizons and change standards. At HAN Design, of course, we keep an eye on the whole world and we bring it to your home. Every year we dress up your Christmas trees in new colour combinations and shapes.